Project Info
Agriculture and Livestock Farming and Bio-waste to Energy production, Hydroponic farming and bio-fertilisers production
Vicinity of Megalopolis, Peloponnese region, Greece
Impact Theme
Closing the loop via Circular Farming, clean Bio-waste-to-energy and hydroponic carbon sequestration.
Key Target
Building the first replicable model of a zero waste carbon neutral livestock farm in Greece.

VIOKYKLOS pioneers a cattle farm for beef production in the ex-lignite region of Megalopolis, organized and characterized by a fully circular and sustainable model that leads to four diversified products: meat production combined with a hydroponic greenhouse, electricity & heat energy production - biogas (through farm's waste management together with bio-waste gathered from the local area) and compost. The strong demand for environmentally-friendly domestic meat products compared to the low supply by national producers creates an investment opportunity that will support import substitution and sustainable sales in the coming years, while promoting the "just transition" of the region by bolstering renewable energy production and soil enhancement.