Project Info
Technology Products & Equipment Leasing.
Thessaloniki, Greece
Impact Theme
Circular Economy for tech devices – Product-as-a-Service minimizing e-waste.
Key Target
Eliminate 250 Tn of CO2 and reduce e-waste by 6 Tn.

METALEASE is revolutionizing the field of tech product leasing, including Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, gaming consoles, VR headsets and many more to come. Recognizing the global shift in consumer behavior towards renting rather than owning, METALEASE aims to address the challenge of increasing technology prices, which have made tech inaccessible and unaffordable for a significant portion of the population and businesses. By providing clients and businesses with easy access to high-quality technology solutions, METALEASE helps them save money and gain flexibility, upgrading their costumer experience. Additionally and more importantly, METALEASE contributes to solving the e-waste and CO2 emissions problem by extending the life cycle of devices through leasing, promoting environmental sustainability throughout the value chains.
The company offers an innovative business model that caters to the evolving needs of contemporary businesses by offering flexible, cost-effective leasing options for a range of tech products mainly via its B2B offerings. This approach not only meets the demands of businesses seeking up-to-date technology without the hefty investment of outright purchases but also aligns with sustainable practices by maximizing the utilization and lifespan of tech equipment – thereby advancing the Circular Economy.

Metalease stands out in the market for its commitment to providing tailored leasing solutions that accommodate the dynamic requirements of various industries, focuses on client-centric services coupled with high-quality, cutting-edge technology solutions. The company specializes in a B2B-focused tech equipment leasing model, specifically targeting businesses seeking cutting-edge technology solutions without the burden of substantial capital expenditures. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, this leasing model proves particularly compelling in sectors where technological agility and adaptability are critical. Distinguished by its strategic advantages over direct equipment purchases, the model offers significant benefits, including optimized cash flow management, streamlined maintenance, flexible upgradability, and seamless integration with the latest technological advancements. Looking towards the future, the long-term vision involves extending services to encompass B2C and B2G clients.
The company’s strategic approach not only addresses the immediate technological needs of businesses but also contributes to a more sustainable model of technology consumption and management.

Circular Economy Impact:

Product-as-a-Service (PaaS), play a pivotal role in reshaping consumer behavior towards sustainability and minimizing environmental impacts. Recognized in key European and international policy documents, these business models are fundamental to initiatives like the European Green Deal, which seeks to revolutionize production and consumption patterns in the EU while enhancing resource sustainability and human health. Aligned with this vision, the European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan aims to establish a sustainable products policy framework, making eco-friendly products, services, and business models the standard.
A crucial aspect of this shift Is the embrace of Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) as a business model within the Circular Economy. PaaS represents a transformative approach to product ownership, fostering a rental or lease arrangement between companies and customers. The circular nature of PaaS shines through as products return to Metalease at the end of their lease, promoting recycling and granting them a new lease on life. Within this framework, Metalease excels in promoting the Circular Economy.