While Circular Economy financing is taking off in record numbers across Europe, our Region is still lagging behind, despite its vital potential, due to a growing investment and expertise gap.

Circularity that pays off.

SPOROS mission is rooted in delivering value for investors through a commitment to growth and innovation in the circular economy. Our approach is finely tuned to support businesses across three pivotal categories:

Circular Use Models

We champion alternative ownership models like rental and subscription, fostering product life extension, increased utilisation, and reuse. By embracing these circular use models, we not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also align with innovative business strategies.

Circular Products & Materials

SPOROS Platform actively supports businesses involved in making or remaking circular products and materials. This strategic focus promotes a shift towards sustainable manufacturing processes and a circular supply chain.

Circular Value Recovery models

We back and enable circular value retention and recovery strategies, focusing on reverse logistics of redundant products or parts, recovery of materials and valorisation of separately collected biomass waste and residues as food, feed, nutrients, fertilisers, bio-based materials or chemical feedstock, as well as reuse or recycling of wastewater. It this way, we keep products, materials and resources in the loop for as long as possible, boosting a resilient growth.

Enabling Solutions

Our approach extends to supporting circular solutions that enhance resource productivity. From extending asset life to facilitating multiple use cycles and reducing waste, we invest in innovations that redefine resource utilisation.
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sustainable investment

Impact & Returns go hand in hand.

To ensure the fulfilment of our sustainable investment objective, our dedicated team, in collaboration with trusted external partners, employs a robust science-based impact methodology. In collaboration with leading international experts, we deploy state-of-the-art impact & ESG/SDG metrics, in line with EU Taxonomy. Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) play a central role in evaluating the climate and environmental impact of each portfolio investment, covering all stages of a product's life. This meticulous process considers both environmental improvements and the business growth of the company, providing a holistic view of its impact.

Strategic Perspective

Putting in action circular models and impact metrics that drive value.

SPOROS offers a unique and comprehensive approach that paves the way for a paradigm shift towards sustainable growth in the real economy. Our approach is built on the key findings of a groundbreaking market study conducted by Greece's leading market research firm, Kapa Research. The study revealed that the majority of SMEs in Southeastern Europe lack awareness of circular economy tools, solutions, and funding opportunities. SPOROS Platform addresses these challenges simultaneously through its core principles: Impact Investing, Knowledge and Expertise, Awareness, and Advocacy. By focusing on these principles, we provide a holistic solution that bridges the circular economy investment gap, equips SMEs with the necessary tools, and advocates for the importance of circular production models. Our aim is to create a sustainable and impactful ecosystem for institutional investors seeking to drive positive change in the region, effectively supporting creative entrepreneurs with their growth ambitions.

SPOROS Investment Strategy based on a proprietary Market Study investigating the market needs of 200+ target companies all around Greece.

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Quantifying and Enhancing Sustainability Performance.

enhancing the sustainability performance of our investments.

SPOROS Platform's methodical approach underscores our commitment to not only quantifying but also enhancing the sustainability performance of our investments. By engaging with cutting-edge science and employing precise indicators, we navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable finance with purpose and precision, while creating real added value through key synergies across the supply chains.