Katerina Chatzichristou

Associate, Marketing & Ecosystems Building

Katerina Chatzichristou, as SPOROS associate in Marketing & Ecosystems Building, plays a key role in fostering marketing strategies, impactful partnerships, communications and resilient ecosystem development, both at fund and portfolio level. Katerina develops and enhances synergies for information, engagement and visibility, executes marketing, SM & PR campaigns and supports the organisation of pitch meetings and events.

With an extensive background in the advertising, digital marketing and fashion industries, coupled with entrepreneurial experience in the retail sector, Katerina brings a diverse skillset encompassing sales, merchandising, relationship activities and project management, as well as a strong commitment to cutting-edge sustainability practices.

Holding a BA in Fine Arts and a Digital & Social Media Marketing Diploma, Katerina has served as a CEO and head designer of a sustainable women's fashion brand, spearheading initiatives towards a more environmentally conscious future. Now she manages a 360 Advertising & Digital Marketing Agency based in Athens.

As a mother of two boys, a passionate drummer, and a lover of life, Katerina brings boundless energy, empathy and creativity to our team and strengthens  our bonds with the ever growing impact & innovation ecosystem in our region. Connecting the dots and contributing to SPOROS’ mission.