Project Info
Hardware and Software Development – Electronics - Telecommunications
London, UK and Athens, Greece
Impact Theme
Circular Economy for Smartphones / Circular re-use and refurbishment models, Enabling technologies
Key Target
eliminate 673,000 Tn of CO2/year by 2025
Preferred Equity

Pandas provides a powerful solution for trading in used mobile devices that is easy, fast, and frictionless, enabling people to effortlessly trade in their used mobile devices save money and do good, promoting strong environmental impact across value chains within a circular economy. Users can trade in their devices either from home or at one of Pandas’ partner stores. Consumers will get a price quote for their device based on an accurate device check that will be performed by Pandas. They can then decide if they want to drop off their device in-store at one of the Pandas locations or call up a Pandas Scooter to pick it up from their doorstep. Pandas reprocesses used smartphones into reusable assets at a global scale.

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The Future Of Trade In Programs 2
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